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In the annals of pop music, you'd think there would be a mighty cushy spot for a performer that scored 11 No. 1 records and 35 Top 10 hits... had a top-rated radio show for 11 years on NBC... starred in seven feature films... and outdrew the Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman orchestras frequently in live appearances.

You'd think so. But guess what? That's Right, You're Wrong!

This book rediscovers and dusts off a wealth of forgotten musical and Hollywood history
and is an important part of American music history that has now been preserved for
generations to come. The book is 341 pages, includes full KK discography, over
100 photos, rare interviews with Kay Kyser, his band members, and the Kyser family
and, of course, the full life story of the OlíProfessor himself. There are also
profiles on prominent KK orchestra members, color repros of KK movie posters,
sheet music and magazine covers.


Kay Kyser book: The 'Ol Professor of Swing
Sorry, the book is currently unavailable. More copies coming soon!

Also Available: Kay Kyser Live 1937-1944 CD-R MUSIC !
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Kay Kyser Live CD

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