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Kay Kyser- the Ol' Professor of SWING!! is an authorized work-in-progress.

The Documentary set.

It will be a FUN and factual 1 hour look at the man and his band who in the 1940s broke attendance records wherever they performed, staying at the top of the Radio, Record and Movie charts for over 10 years. I swear I've discovered gold, pearls, and the Fountain of Youth while enjoying a Kyser film or recording. And I'm only forty-five!

While Kay and the Band are enormously entertaining, we'll also see the drama of a man trying to heal himself of a debilitating ailment he kept from his public, his internal struggles with the duplicity of success, his quietly self-planned disappearance from show business, and his escape into a life we have all fantasized about for ouselves, where he did exactly what his heart told him, gave it all up, and went home again. Spirited, fun and touching, this is the story of the nearly forgotten superstar of the 40s, Kay Kyser- the Ol' Professor of SWING!

YESSDANCE Productions has assembled on-camera interviews with many of the participants, Kay Kyser band and family members, clips from the Kyser films, home movies, original photos and memorabilia, and the GREAT MUSIC so beloved in that innocent and devastating time, for this made-for-TV film. Produced and written by Kyser archivist Steven Beasley. Basically finished, we need an executive producer to offset film clip costs ($6000 a minute!), and assemble the completed sections. Email at address below.

Interview subjects Noni Bernardi (sax), Harry Babbitt(vocals) Steven Beasley (writer/producer) Amanda Kyser (daughter), Roc Hillman (guitar) at Amanda's home in 1995. Interviews filmed by Chris Babbitt.

Credits: Website photos-Steven Beasley collection, Georgia Kyser collection. Special thanks to: Eagle Island Internet Productions, Georgia Kyser, Harry Babbitt, Wade Marlay, Dennis Taylor.

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